Valorant Update and Announcement Confirmed for Summer Games Fest

Valorant fans should tune in to the announcement tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET.
Valorant fans should tune in to the announcement tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET. / Photo by Riot Games

A Valorant update and announcement expected tomorrow as part of the Summer Game Fest, according to a Tweet from Geoff Keighley, the well-known esports journalist and a curator for the event. It is unknown what information will be announced.

Summer Game Fest is a gaming event designed to bring content creators, game developers, and fans together to celebrate all things new in the world of gaming. It consists of digital news, in-game events, and playable content that all video game lovers will enjoy.

The Valorant event will take place Thursday, May 21 at 11 a.m. ET, and can be streamed live on Summer Games Fest's website. It will feature interviews with Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon and director Joseph Ziegler.

Valorant Update and Announcement Expected Tomorrow

Thursday's event announcement has caused quite a stir among Valorant fans, with many in the comments of Keighley's Tweet trying to guess what new information is coming. Some theories that have gathered traction include an official release date, more bug fixes for the closed beta, or even possibly the announcement of Valorant for consoles.

One long-shot possibility is the confirmation of information that was obtained in the latest Valorant leak from a few weeks ago. Two separate sources hinted at a Deathmatch-style mode that would come to Valorant in the game's full release. Since it has basically become public knowledge that there will be a Deathmatch mode, it would just make sense for the Riot Games executives to confirm it.