Valorant Weapon Price Changes Apparently Leaked for Episode 3

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Weapon Price changes were apparently leaked for Episode 3, as data miners located information that points decreasing the prices of certain weapons in the game. Notable Valorant Twitter account ValorLeaks noted the new prices, with many decreasing the cost of guns in the game.

Valorant Weapon Price Changes Apparently Leaked for Episode 3

The guns receiving lower costs in a future update is notable, and could influence major changes in how certain weapons are now utilized over their counterparts. The Stinger, one of the weapons receiving a price decrease, might now finally have an edge over its much-beloved brother Spectre.

The Operator, the most-powerful weapon in Valorant, is also receiving a significant price drop, from 5,000 to 4,700 credits. This may be the development team trying to encourage more long-range battles in the game, and dropping the cost of both the Operator and Marshal, the game's two snipers, may be indicative of that.

With all these decreases, there is one weapon receiving a price increase, the Judge, from 1,600 to 1,850 credits. This is probably in response to fan discourse regarding the Judge's current state as a weapon, with many believing it too powerful in close range situations, especially compared to its credit cost. The increase might be Valorant's way of trying to influence the game's meta without nerfs or buffs to a weapon's damage, range, or other stats.

As to when these price changes will be put in place, it's hard to say. "Future" could mean anything, from Patch 2.11 soon, to when Episode 3 drops at an undetermined date. In any case, these price changes could seriously impact the game's meta, and no doubt that the Valorant team will be watching closely.