Valorant Weapon Tier List: July 2022

Courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant is a 5v5 first-person shooter game with a combination of a variety of utilities. Weapons are a necessity in Valorant and the game has a variety of weapons to choose from. Each weapon fits a different role and range. This guide will give you a list of the best and worst guns to use in Valorant.

Valorant Weapon Tier List: July 2022

S Tier

  • Operator
  • Phantom
  • Vandal

The Phantom and Vandal are the main guns that are used throughout the entire match. Both guns are the same amount of credits and have the same range, it is up to the player to choose the gun that is best for them. The Operator is also in the top tier because it is ideal to hold angles and kill an enemy with one shot to the body.

A Tier

  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Odin
  • Sheriff

These guns are on the A tier because they still do enough damage but are not as powerful as the S tier guns. You typically purchase these guns during a save round. These guns are helpful when you are trying to catch the opponents with a sneaky attack.

B Tier

  • Frenzy
  • Judge
  • Bulldog

Although some of these guns do a sufficient amount of damage, these guns are at a lower tier because of the difficulty in controlling the spray. Most of these guns also have a low number of bullets, so your shots need to have an impact.

C Tier

  • Ares
  • Bucky
  • Guardian
  • Shorty
  • Stinger
  • Marshall
  • Classic

These weapons are at the lowest tier because most of them are for close-range fights. If you are a player who likes to push and run and gun, then these are the weapons for you. These guns also have a low number of bullets so if you are pushing, you must get the kills instead of feeding the enemy team kills.

There you have it, the best to worst guns in Valorant that you can choose from for your games. This guide gives you an idea of how to strategically choose a gun when you have to force or save for the next round.