Valorant Weapons Tier List July 2020

An updated Valorant Weapons Tier List for July 2020
An updated Valorant Weapons Tier List for July 2020 / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant weapons tier list is important for fans of the game to understand. After one month of game play and the most recent Valorant Patch 1.03, here are the new rankings of the most integral part of the game. The guns.

Valorant Weapons Tier List July 2020

S- Tier

  • Phantom- 2,900 credits
  • Vandal- 2,900 credits
  • Sheriff- 800 credits

The Vandal and Phantom continue to lead the tier list simply due to the immense damage output, the range, and the fire rate that they provide. Similar to the Valorant Weapons Tier List June 2020, the Sheriff, remains in the S-tier.

A- Tier

  • Operator- 4,500 credits
  • Guardian- 2,500 credits (200 credit reduction)

Economy is one of the most important aspects of Valorant. Getting the most bang for your buck is essential in securing wins. After Valorant Patch 1.03 was released, the Guardian saw several buffs such as a reduction in cost and increased penetration power. That's why the Guardian joins the Operator, a high skill cap sniper, in the A-tier.

B- Tier

  • Bulldog- 2,100 credits
  • Marshall- 1,100 credits
  • Odin- 3,200 credits
  • Ghost- 500 credits
  • Spectre- 1,600 credits

These weapons have a lower return value for their cost, though they're still useful and good at what they do. Several of these guns are situational and should not be used as go-to weapons.

C- Tier

  • Judge- 1,500 credits
  • Ares- 1,600 credits
  • Stinger- 1,000 credits

These weapons are either purely situational or are severely lacking in several categories such as magazine capacity or range.