Valve Developers Lose Banning Privileges in Dota 2 After Reddit Callout of Unfair Moderation

Dota 2 has some changes around developer moderation abilities.
Dota 2 has some changes around developer moderation abilities. | Valve

Valve developers are no longer able to issue manual bans in Dota 2 after a disagreement between Sean Vanaman and a player occurred which resulted in an unfair ban, according to Dot Esports.

Reddit user minijuanjohndoe explained that they and Vanaman had a disagreement during a game, and that Vanaman at one point told the player "Do you know who [you're] talking to?" He then allegedly directed the player to check his Steam profile when the player didn't concede to what he wanted, before banning the player by sending them to low-priority mode, which is essentially a temporary ban.

Vanaman, perhaps best known for his writing on Telltale Games' The Walking Dead and for being co-director of Firewatch, apologized for the incident that led to the change in a reply.

"The team looked into this case, and concluded the user clearly did not deserve the ban," Vanaman wrote. "Even if the user did deserve a ban however, we all think it's clear that manually banning users is not a good idea because of how hard it is to be objective in Dota games that you are in. My mistake in this case being a sterling example."

"As employees, we should have no special privilege when playing Dota."

Vanaman then clarified that it was already an informal policy that Valve developers were not meant to issue manual bans in games they participated in, but said that it was no longer informal moving forward.

Instead, Valve developers will only be able to report players after games just as other players can do.