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Valve Has No Plans for Steam Deck Exclusives

The Steam Deck won't play the exclusives game.
The Steam Deck won't play the exclusives game. / Photo courtesy of Valve

Valve has confirmed that it has no plans to publish games that play exclusively on its Steam Deck platform.

When asked about the possibility of Steam Deck exclusive releases, Valve answered matter of factly.

"No, that doesn't make much sense to us. It's a PC and it should just play games like a PC," the company wrote in a post answering the questions it received most frequently at the Steamworks Steam Deck event.

The Steam Deck is set to launch with a modified version of Valve's own SteamOS, with a console-style interface that should make it easy to navigate the Steam Store and the player's Steam library. But it will allow users to use an unrestricted computer desktop, complete with the ability to install third-party apps, which makes it possible to use the console as a PC.

The first game designed for Steam Deck may be the project codenamed Citadel, which leaker Tyler McVicker says is a combination first-person shooter and real-time strategy game. It's one of the few projects Valve is working on aside from the Steam Deck itself, and McVicker says it'll be released within the next two years.

Valve plans to release the Steam Deck in February 2022, after a two-month delay pushed it back from its previous December launch date. As Steam Deck shipments are going out in waves, those who pre-ordered their consoles later will also have to wait a little longer to receive them. Valve has said ship dates will shift relative to the delay.