Valve Responds to Jamppi Lawsuit

Jamppi competing at DreamHack Winter 2019.
Jamppi competing at DreamHack Winter 2019. / Photo by Stephanie Lindgren/DreamHack

Valve has responded to the lawsuit filed on behalf of ENCE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Elias "Jamppi" Oikkonen, according to a report from Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat.

According to a translation of the article, which is written in Finnish, the content of the response has yet to be made public. Jamppi's lawyer, Hannu Kalkas of law firm Teperi & Co Oy, also declined to comment on the response.

"Current plan is that we make a statement by [June 15]," Kalkas told Ilta-Sanomat in an email.

Jamppi, one of the top prospects in CS:GO, was banned from competing in Majors because a CS:GO account connected to his name received a Valve Anti-Cheat ban. He filed a lawsuit in March claiming he had purchased a copy for a friend during a LAN party and sold the account before it was issued the VAC ban.

Jamppi's suit seeks compensation of roughly $300,000 in damages and the removal of his Major ban. The lawsuit has drawn international attention for its potential to set lasting precedents in esports about the legality of lifetime bans.