Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards Explained

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Players struggling against enemy hordes in Vampire Survivors can take a sigh of relief as we break down the highly beneficial Arcana card system.

Vampire Survivors is a rogue-like shooter that tasks players with surviving a seemingly-endless gauntlet of gothic creatures. Those who decide to take on this daunting task can choose from a multitude of characters that have unique abilities to survive the night. The game also includes a special card system that grants further benefits that aid in your survival.

Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards Explained

Vampire Survivors card system is titled Arcana and is vital for players to understand if they want to become successful in their in-game efforts. This system provides players the ability to apply boosts to their character stats as well as special perks. Although there are 22 slots present in the Arcana menu, not all are currently available. Currently there are 12 Arcana that can be unlocked within the game, but more should be introduced in future updates.

To unlock the ability to use Arcana Cards, survivors will first need to collect the Randomazzo relic located in the Gallo Tower stage. Once obtained, players will be able to start each game with an Arcana. A specific card could be selected or a random one can be equipped by selecting the blue question mark. Players will be able to add two Arcana cards to their arsenal as they progress through the match. These cards will present themselves at the 11 minute and 21 minute marks of a players run.