Vampire Survivors Cherry Bomb: How to Evolve

Vampire Survivors is available now!
Vampire Survivors is available now! / Poncle

Cherry Bomb is one of the most valuable weapons in Vampire Survivors. It aims at the nearest foe and bounces off enemies, the edges of the screen, and surfaces. Cherry Bomb has a chance of explosion, depending on the item's Luck and level.   

Cherry Bomb's evolution was only recently added. The upgraded version of the weapon is called Yatta Daikarin, and players are dying to get their hands on it. Here's what players should do to get the item.

Vampire Survivors Cherry Bomb: How to Evolve

You must complete three tasks to upgrade the Cherry Bomb: (1) obtain the Chaos Rosalia relic, (2) play as Yatta Cavallo, and (3) reach level 80.

You'll have to reach Astral Stair first to get the Chaos Rosalia relic. The relic lies in the starting area of the stage, and you need to follow a green arrow on your screen to find it. 

You also need Yatta Cavallo because his starting weapon is Cherry Bomb. Unlock him by killing 3,000 Lionheads, an enemy found in Inlaid Library, and buying the playable character from the Merchant for 500 Gold Coins. 

After that, you must reach level 80 while playing as Yatta Cavallo. Then, the character will morph into a monster made of constellations with the Yatta Daikarin as a weapon.

Yatta Daikarin vs. Cherry Bomb

Yatta Daikarin works like Cherry Bomb, except it's a lot stronger. Unlike Cherry Bomb, which releases a shockwave and firework upon exploding, Yatta Daikarin unleashes a constellation and star particles. The constellation can also deal critical hits.

As mentioned before, Cherry Bomb has a chance of detonating. However, using Yatta Daikarin will always create an explosion.  

You can purchase Vampire Survivors on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S for only $4.99. It's also on Steam for a discount of $3.74. 

Try out the free demo on the official game website!