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Vampire Survivors' Map: How to Find on Dairy Plant

Courtesy of Poncle

Vampire Survivors' maps are needed to help players see all usable items or relics scattered around a map.

We get it, okay? Roguelikes can be brutal as hell, especially when sent all the way back to the beginning. Vampire survivor is no exception, with a punishing difficulty despite the plethora of items and unlockable characters at your disposal.

Surely there has to be something that can make it a little bit less tedious when tracking down items again and again with no clue where everything is. Fortunately, there is such a method, through the use of the map pickup in the game. This boosts the fun factor of the game and can bring down some of the more tedious elements. So here's how to find the Milky Way map for the Dairy Plant.

How to Find Dairy Plant's Map

The Milky Way Map is surprisingly easy to find, as the game basically tells you where it is. First off, you need to actually unlock the level itself. The map is located in the level Dairy Plant, the third level in the game. Simply beat all previous stages to unlock it, once done you have access.

When you start the level, there's a green arrow pointing south to your position. Once you see it start working your way down towards it, taking out any enemies in your way. Eventually, you'll come upon the main area where the map is held. Grab it and you're done! From now on all items will be revealed in Dairy Plant making your time there much more enjoyable and satisfying.

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