Vampire Survivors Randomazzo: What is it and Where to Find

Photo courtesy of Poncle Games

In Vampire Survivors, Randomazzo is one of three relics currently in the game. These relics are one way Vampire Survivors allows the player to upgrade their characters and overall play experience.

As the most powerful of the three relics, Randomazzo unlocks Vampire Survivors' Arcana system which will drastically change and upgrade all your following runs on the game. In Vampire Survivors, Randomazzo appears as a set of three cards with purple borders, with the top one flipped to reveal a spade.

Where to Find Randomazzo in Vampire Survivors

Randomazzo can be found on the fourth and final normal stage to unlock in Vampire Survivors: Gallo Tower. Gallo Tower can be unlocked by reaching level 60 on the previous stage Dairy Plant. If you have unlocked Gallo Tower, you have likely collected the Milky Way Map from Dairy Plant. If you have unlocked the map, you can use the pause menu and the map that now appears there to navigate to the north of Gallo Tower to collect the Randomazzo. If you have not collected the map, you will at least have noticed the green arrow present at the bottom of your screen on Dairy Plant, which directs you to the map's location. You should notice a similar thing pointing north when you spawn into Gallo Tower, and if you follow that arrow it will lead you to Randomazzo.

Make sure you collect enough XP to level up several times on the way, as the Randomazzo is circling around a central obstacle while being guarded by tough enemies. Just because you made it to the correct location doesn't mean you'll get to collect the Randomazzo for free!