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Vampire Survivors Sorceress Tears: How to Find the Relic

Image Courtesy of Luca Galante

Vampire Survivors, Sorceress Tears, what does it all mean? Read more to be find out.

Vampire Survivors is an indie time survival game created by Luca Galante, aka @poncle. The game is set in the rural Italian countryside. The game's action concerns the exploits of a dark magician Bisconte Draculo and the Belpaese family that tries to control the spread of his monsters, by killing them. As the clock ticks, the more difficult it becomes to survive, until "Death inevitably puts an end to your struggles."

Vampire Survivors has exploded in popularity over the last few hours after it was announced that the small flash-style game was the most played game on Steam in August, by hours played. The game costs less than $3 on Steam, where it boasts a 5 star rating. Alternatively, a free demo version is available here.

How to Find the Relic

Sorceress Tears can be found toward the bottom of the Gallo Tower map. They allow the player to enhance the speed of gameplay twofold. That means that the ghoulish antagonists move and respawn twice as fast. Of course, the playable character's speed increases proportionally. This is a challenge worthy of only the truest vampire hunters.