Vancouver Titans Advance to the Overwatch League Grand Finals

The Vancouver Titans advance to the Overwatch League grand finals after defeating the New York Excelsior in the winner's finals.

The Vancouver Titans were one of eight expansion teams being added to the Overwatch League for the 2019 season. The team immediately caught attention for signing the former roster of the Korean team, RunAway, who were famous for their performances in the OGN Apex series. Although it was agreed that the roster pickup was a good choice, no one thought that they would dominate the Overwatch League season the way that they did.

Throughout the entire season, the Titans have only lost two regular season matches, the least amount of losses for any team in the league. They easily confirmed themselves the top seed for the playoffs, and have been steadily climbing to the top.

They were the most dominant team during the GOATS meta, which lasted for the first three stages of the league. Although they were not as strong as other teams during stage four, with Sigma's addition to the playoff stage, they have found their footing again.

Although their match against the New York Excelsior was a hard fought battle, the Titans showcased incredible performances, with a strong showing coming from their damage player, Hyojong "Haksal" Kim, whose Doomfist play disrupted the Excelsior at several key points during the match. Furthermore, Hyeon-Woo "JJANU" Choi's performance on Sigma completely tore apart the Excelsior throughout much of the series, being another key factor for the Titan's success.

The New York Excelsior faced a tough loss, but have guaranteed themselves third place. They will play the winner of San Francisco Shock vs. Hangzhou Spark in the loser's bracket finals.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard