Vanguard's #2 Ranked Player Exposed Themselves as a Cheater

Image courtesy of plehxify, via @V1A70

One of Call of Duty: Vanguard's top Ranked players has exposed themselves as a cheater, after accidentally revealing their cheats on stream.

Yes, that's right. Cheating in Call of Duty - who would've guessed? But this latest blunder has come from a cheater who managed to accidentally expose themselves using hacks during Ranked Play. Vanguard's Ranked Play is a competitive mode where players can put their skills to the test, following the same set of rules as CoD pros.

It's supposed to be the game's proving grounds, with players competing for the leaderboard top spot to cement themselves as one of the most skillful CoD players around. But sadly, even Ranked Play isn't safe from cheaters who are skewing the results.

Vanguard's #2 Ranked Play spot is held by "plehxify." However, while streaming online it seems that their stream glitched, revealing that they had been using wallhacks during their games.

The viral clip shows plehxify playing Hardpoint on Tuscan. After dying, the clip shows them spectating a teammate where the stream reveals the wallhacks. These wallhacks are typically used to reveal enemy locations through walls, highlighting enemies to make their exact location known to the user.

Not long after being called out for using the hacks, plehxify attempted to justify their actions saying that they used the hacks "for camos."

In a TwitLonger, the player said: "In the clip you can clearly tell I just had got the cheats, I was very naive with the software/hacks."

"I had made #2 in ranked legitimately so I started streaming to get my name out in the community and that's how it started. I was playing SnD $8s throughout the game before I played comp, I scrimmed everyday when I had the passion with the team. I wasn't thinking when I had made the process of buying these cheats."

Plehxify ended the TwitLonger by apologizing for the use of cheats, "Once again I am sorry for the actions I have made, I will never cheat In anything again, I understand what it does to the people on the other side as well as myself."

It's no secret that both Vanguard and Warzone have had a rampant issue with cheaters, leading many players to turn their backs on the game. While Activision's Ricochet anti-cheat system has squashed a large portion of cheaters in Warzone, its rollout to Vanguard still appears to be a ways off with players feeling the sting as they wait.