Venerated Anima Spherule: Where to Get

Defeat Sire Denathrius to get Venerated Anime Spherules in WoW Shadowlands.
Defeat Sire Denathrius to get Venerated Anime Spherules in WoW Shadowlands. / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Venerated Anima Spherule is an item that Paladins, Priests and Shamans can bring back to their Covenant to unlock weapons. They won't be easy to get, as they're only available as drops from the boss of Castle Nathria.

Venerated Anima Spherules can be found as a drop by Sire Denathrius. He's the master Revendreth, and serves as the final boss during the Castle Nathria Raid. When defeated, he'll drop different kinds of Anima Spherules for different classes. The Venerated Anima Spherfule is for Paladins, Priests and Shamans, and will unlock weapons for them.

Venerated Anima Spherule: Where to Get

If you manage to get some after your run in with Sire Denahtrius, you can head back to your Covenant's weaponsmith to exchange them for the following:

  • Skullcleaver of the Merciless One
  • Dredfang Ironspitter
  • Nathrian Assassin's Backbiter
  • Vicious Goreripper Shank
  • Grasp from the Grave
  • Nathrian Crusader's Bastard Sword
  • Talons of the Legion Generals
  • Warglaive of the Hidden Fiend
  • Sinstealer's Sentencing Gavel
  • Greatstaff of the Lichsworn General
  • Sinbearer's Absolution Staff
  • Deadeye Cannon
  • Rod of the Stone Sentinels
  • Ossified Greataxe
  • Dredwing Barbed Swordbreaker
  • Krexus's Bloodletting Polearm
  • Stoneborn Terrorblade
  • Abdomen Splitter
  • Hungering Ritualist's Animablade
  • Fleshscourge Sickle
  • Legion General's Glaivewing

Each of these weapons cost only one Venerated Anima Spherule to buy. It's unknown exactly what the drop rate of a Venerated Anima Spherule currently is, but fortunately you only need one to get a weapon.