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Verdansk '84 Revealed as New Warzone Season 3 Map

Photo by Activision/Treyarch

Verdansk '84 was revealed as the new Call of Duty: Warzone map for Season 3 following The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2.

The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1 concluded with a nuclear missile hitting the Warzone map just outside of the Stadium. An explosion engulfed the area and fans were taken back to the menus. Then, Aftermath: Rebirth Island was added as a nighttime variant. It was the only playlist available until 3 p.m. ET on April 22.

The Call of Duty Twitter account confirmed the new map before the event with a live action trailer. The map is called Verdansk '84.

Verdansk '84 Revealed as New Warzone Season 3 Map

A tweet was posted saying that players had to return to Rebirth Island immediately for the next part of the event. A playlist update also started called The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2. The map is still nighttime Rebirth Island, but the mode takes place 10 minutes before the missile launch.

The playlist prompts players to seize a device and destroy Verdansk. The same containment protocol HUD alert pops up from the first part. A countdown triggers a device to drop as a care package. A player that holds the device builds a meter. A clear improvement over the first part of the playlist.

After it builds to a 100%, a nuke countdown begins. A giant explosion from Verdansk appears out past the sea, and the team that completes the countdown is titled, "The Destroyers of Verdansk." A cutscene then plays showcasing the missile launch in reverse to outer space. After the Earth revolves backwards, players drop in to the new Verdansk '84.

The map still features the same Verdansk layout, but there are new points of interest and features. For instance, the Stadium looks new, Summit has been added to replace Dam.