Vespiquen Pokémon GO: How to Evolve

How to evolve Vespiquen in Pokémon GO.
How to evolve Vespiquen in Pokémon GO. / Photo by Niantic and GAMEFREAK.

Vespiquen Pokémon GO is difficult to get if you don't know the right method. Here's how to get a powerful Bug type attacker for your team in Pokémon GO.

You might tried to evolve the perfect Combee, giving it 50 candy only to find that you wasted your time. The trick is that Vespiquen can only evolve from female Combee.

Vespiquen Pokémon GO: How to Evolve

Other than finding an eligible female Combee, it evolves with just 50 Candy. Combee can be found in areas like parks, farmland and forests.

Once you've got Vespiquen, you'll be able to use a solid Bug type attacker in Great League. Vespiquen has some above average defense stats for a Bug type Pokémon, but is only held back by the numerous weaknesses Bug and Flying have together. Watch out for Rock type attacks in particular.

Vespiquen can deal with popular Psychic and Dark types like Cresselia and Umbreon, and can put up a fight against Fighting type Pokémon. It does best as a counter, as it doesn't do enough damage against more neutral match ups. Luckily, it counters many of the top choices in Great League, so you'll almost always have a chance to use it.