VIDEO: PUBG Bots Spawn Mid-Game

PUBG bots spawn mid game according to new video.
PUBG bots spawn mid game according to new video. / Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG bots apparently spawn mid-game, according to a new video posted on RedditPUBG bots have been controversial since they were added, but many players are still learning new things about them. In this case, a player found out that bots can spawn mid-game.

The video shows a bot spawn directly next to a player, which must have been terrifying. Luckily the player wasn't in very much danger and was able to dispatch the bot easily, even if their reaction was delayed from shock, because the bot wasn't holding a gun.

This isn't the first video to show bots spawning mid-game. ChocoTaco witnessed bots spawning and was not thrilled about it. Bots spawning mid-game without the number of people alive in the corner changing is a mystery. Does the number include bots that haven't spawned yet or does the game just include more than 100 people by spawning in bots every so often?

This is just one more reason for players to dislike the addition of bots to the game. In addition to grievances with players pretending to be bots and bots being overpowered.