VIDEO: PUBG Erangel Remaster Sneak Peek

PUBG Erangel Remaster sneak peek was revealed as part of a PUBG PC developer update from PUBG Corp.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS fans have been anxiously awaiting any new information regarding Erangel's visual update. Erangel, the game's original map, is a fan favorite and a visual update is long overdue for it considering Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi's visuals.

Here's a look at the Erangel visual update teased by PUBG Corp.

VIDEO: PUBG Erangel Remaster Sneak Peek

The sub-30 second video briefly shows the sights and scenery of Erangel and fans can't wait to drop on the map.

Additionally, the developer update included three new major updates. A new BDRM vehicle, a ledge grabbing feature and progression system were announced.

The BDRM will be able to be spawned via the Flare Gun and is based on a Russian amphibious vehicle. Ledge grabbing appears to change the way PUBG is played, opening new avenues for maneuvering around the map.

Finally, the new progression system will be based on survival.

"While Weapon Mastery focuses on combat, we plan to expand progression further and focus on survival elements. PUBG strikes a harmonious balance between combat and survival. As such, in addition to emphasizing gunplay, we want to also focus on survival elements, so our players can keep track of stats and receive rewards for those accomplishments as well," TS Jang, PUBG executive producer, said in the full video.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp