VIDEO: The One StarCraft Fan at BlizzCon Can't Contain His Excitement

An excited StarCraft fan made his presence felt at BlizzCon's opening ceremony Friday. Too bad he was the only one.

During the opening ceremony for Blizzard's annual multi-day convention in Burbank, California, the host of the event, Blizzard president J. Allen Brack, spoke about many Blizzad titles and updates, including the impending release of Diablo 4.

After the new Blizzard Arcade, Brack transitioned into talking about Blizzard's existing games and calmly said "Let's talk about StarCraft."

After a long pause, one fan yelled "f*** yeah!" as groans and chuckles could be heard throughout the crowd.

At least there's one person who cares more about StarCraft than Overwatch 2.

BlizzCon began Friday and continues throughout the weekend, featuring the Overwatch World Cup among other presentations. Overwatch 2 is expected to be announced, and many more exciting reveals are expected to take place.

None of them will likely match up to that level of excitement, though.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard