Apex Legends

Viral TikTok Reveals How to Make Apex Legends Charge Rifle Silent

Photo by EA

Apex Legends: Escape is out and fans have been enjoying the new content while TikTok has made some new discoveries.

A viral TikTok has shown how to make the Charge Rifle silent in-game and fans have begun to take notice.

Although the sound of the weapon is not entirely silent, there is a noticeable difference that will definitely give players an advantage if they can pull it off in-game.

To pull off the move, you have to shoot and switch to your sidearm. It is similar to a "Silent Shot" from Call of Duty.

For those that do not remember, a "Silent Shot" was when you would shooting your sniper and switch to any piece of equipment you had in your loadout. This move would cause the killcams to have no sound when you would fire the weapon.

The big difference from the two is that the switching to the side arm in Apex Legends has an in-game advantage versus your opponents while the Call of Duty "Silent Shot" was only for the killcam.

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