Virizion Pokémon GO Raid Guide

The Pokemon Company / Niantic

The fifth generation Grass and Fighting-type Pokémon Virizion will be a Five-Star Raid boss in Pokémon GO this December. From 10 a.m. local time on Dec. 1 to 10 a.m. on Dec. 8, players can take on Virizion in raids as part of the new Mythical Wishes.

Virizion will have an HP of 209, an Attack of 192, and a Defense of 229. With a CP ranging from 1649 to 1727, you will want to make sure you are ready for this Five-Star Raid boss. It is recommended to enter the raid with two to four other trainers to take on the boss.

Pokémon GO Virizion: Weakness

Virizion is a Fighting and Grass-type Pokémon so it will be weak to Fairy, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, and Psychic. The best Pokémon team for this raid will be one of those types so it hit Virizion with super effective moves.

Pokémon GO Virizion: Moveset

In Pokémon GO Virizion's fast and charge moveset is the following:

Fast Moves

  • Quick Attack
  • Zen Headbutt

Charge Moves

  • Leaf Blade
  • Close Combat
  • Stone Edge

Pokémon GO Virizion: Counters

After learning the typing matchup and moves Virizion will pack here are some of the best counters to use against Virizion in the raid boss. Flying-type attacks will deal double the damage so those are the best moves to use.

  • Honchkrow: Peck and Sky Attack
  • Moltres: Wing Attack and Sky Attack
  • Mega Pidgeot: Gust and Brave Bird
  • Rayquaza: Air Slash and Hurricane
  • Staraptor: Wing Attack and Brave Bird
  • Yveltal: Gust and Hurricane