VKLiooon Becomes First Woman to win a BlizzCon Championship

VKLioon became first woman to win a BlizzCon championship when she won the Hearthstone Global Finals.

The Chinese Hearthstone circuit does not operate under the same Grandmaster system as most regions, which made Xiaomeng "VKLioon" Li's rise to the top even more impressive. VKLioon won her fist BlizzCon Championship after qualifying through open tournaments to make it into the BlizzCon bracket.

VKLiooon Becomes First Woman to win a BlizzCon Championship

After winning the Gold Open Tianjin Master Group season one playoffs, VKLiooon went off to BlizzCon to compete in the Global Finals. After qualifying for Blizzard's grandest stage, VKLioon had a message for her critics.

In an interview with Blizzard, VKLioon described her making it to the Global Championships as, "the highest finish I've achieved in my Hearthstone career."

In the Hearthstone Grand Finals at BlizzCon, VKLioon squared off against Brian "bloodyface" Eason, where she won 3-0 over her opponent.

VKLioon captured the Global Championship trophy along with $200,000.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard/Hearthstone Esports