Volta Football FIFA 20 is a new game mode that will appear in the next edition of the yearly soccer game. EA revealed the new game mode during its EA Play conference Saturday at E3.

Volta Football FIFA 20 Revealed at E3

Volta will be a career mode with deep personalization and customization in concert with FIFA Street-style matches. It will feature a single-player career with multiplayer elements, a story mode path, a team play path, and league play with promotion and relegation.

In individual matches, players can choose from several alternate rulesets, including unusual team sizes, goalie-free matches, futsal and more.

Over the course of a player's career, they'll be able to swap out shirts, boots, shorts, sweaters and plenty of other cosmetics as they unlock them, allowing for deep customization.

FIFA 20 is scheduled to release Sept. 27 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts