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Walmart Black Friday PS5 Restock: What We Know So Far

Photo by Sony

Black Friday is almost here and many fans will get their chance of getting their hands on a new PlayStation 5 as restock will be available.

Walmart is offering PlayStation 5 restock along with other great deals for those who want to venture into the jungle that is Black Friday.

Walmart Black Friday PS5 Restock: What We Know So Far

Walmart is one of the premier destinations for Black Friday shoppers, especially in the video game world.

On Black Friday, Walmart will be placing more PlayStation 5 stock on their website. If you are planning to go through the website, be careful with bots beating you to the punch as that has been a huge problem with restock since the next-generation consoles were released.

Nothing has changed in the scalping world as well. Many people who use bots will be planning on reselling any consoles they get for much higher prices than the retail price.

In other Walmart Black Friday news, there will be a very good pricing deal of $299 for the Nintendo Switch. That deal will include a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe along with it.

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