War Machine Pathfinder Skin Revealed for Apex Legends

A new Pathfinder skin was revealed Saturday.
A new Pathfinder skin was revealed Saturday. /

Respawn Entertainment revealed the Pathfinder skin War Machine on Saturday ahead of the Iron Crown Collection Event.

Respawn revealed the new Apex Legends skin on Twitter by uploading a video showing off the skin. The accompanying tweet read "Be your own knight in vanadium manganese boron armor."

The skin shows Pathfinder in a white metal that is, presumably, vanadium manganese boron armor. His chest bears an open space that can display different tarot card images that appear to change based on his in-game mood. When he is attacked by a crow, the image cycles from the sun to several other images.

War Machine Pathfinder is the second skin from the upcoming Iron Crown Collection Event to be revealed by Respawn Entertainment. The developer revealed the first, Protector of the Void Wraith, Thursday.

Both skins will be available in the Iron Crown Collection Event, set to begin Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts