Warlock Ashe Skin Images, Price, Rarity: Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019

Warlock Ashe hit live servers Tuesday
Warlock Ashe hit live servers Tuesday /

Warlock Ashe skin was released Tuesday to coincide with the start of Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019's official start date.

Here's everything you need to know about the skin.

Warlock Ashe Images

Warlock Ashe victory pose
Warlock Ashe victory pose /

Warlock Ashe transforms the white-haired gunslinger into a dark wizard. She wears a brown leather leotard plus a red cape inscribed with runes. On her legs, she sports chainmail boots that run up to her mid-thighs. Her gun is made of wood and stone, with more glowing runes along the barrel. Her new hat is a sort of tri-corner affair worn over short brown hair and brown demon horns.

Warlock Ashe display pose
Warlock Ashe display pose /

B.O.B. also gets a makeover, turning into an animate stone golem shot through with glowing energy.

Warlock Ashe Price

Warlock Ashe will cost the standard amount of credits for legendary skins released during limited time events: 3,000 credits. In the future, the skin's price will likely drop to 1,000 credits.

Warlock Ashe Rarity

Warlock Ashe is a legendary skin. Once Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 ends, players will have to wait until either the next Halloween Terror or an Anniversary event to purchase the skin.

Warlock Ashe is one of five legendary skins to be released in Halloween Terror 2019. Those skins include Pharaoh Ana, Scorpion Widowmaker, Will-o'-Wisp Tracer and Demon Orisa.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard