Warzone 2 Community Split Over High Loadout Drop Prices

Activision, screenshot by DBLTAP

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 gamers have been conflicted over the expensive costs of the loadout drops. On Dec. 20, gamers were able to purchase loadout stations, but the features' high prices have prevented some fans from enjoying these experiences.

With the initial release of Warzone 2, Infinity Ward received negative comments regarding the absence of loadout drops in the game. As a result, gamers gained loadouts through finishing strongholds or buying main guns from buy stations. The lack of loadout drops led to players depending more on collecting from the ground and reduced time on building their guns.

Other Call of Duty fans praised the absence of loadout drops as a new way of playing the game, but some gamers hoped to gain loadout weapons in a simpler way.

Hearing comments from the Call of Duty community, Warzone 2's developers placed loadout drops in buy stations, but they displayed these features with high costs.

The process of introducing loadout drops to buy stations was gradual. With the Season 1 Reloaded update raising the amount of strongholds per battle and an additional update doubling the amount of buy stations, these features helped setting up the public launch of the loadout drops. The developers also lowered the cost of main weapons at buy stations and produced loadout drops into buy stations.

Loadout drop prices differ on certain playlists, but Call of Duty reddit threads showed that gamers were conflicted about the costs.

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