Warzone 2 Devs Remove OP One-Shot Sniper, But Hackers Are Still Using It

St. Patrick's Day is over in Warzone 2, but some of its treasures are still being thrown around.
St. Patrick's Day is over in Warzone 2, but some of its treasures are still being thrown around. / Activision

Warzone 2 players have been left feeling defeated after a one-shot sniper was removed from the game, but hackers have found a way to use it anyway.

There are few things more satisfying than landing a deadly sniper attack on an unsuspecting opponent. Snipers have maintained a popular presence in Warzone and Warzone 2, owing to their power and range allowing players to take each other down with a single shot.

Naturally, these beastly weapons have seen more than their fair share of buffs and nerfs, even more so in Warzone 2. But every now and then, the devs lean into the fun and drop some truly devastating weapons into play. Most recently in Warzone 2, this has been the Shillelagh — a limited-time weapon available for St. Patrick's Day.

But with St. Patrick's Day over, so is the reign of the Shillelagh. Or so we thought.

Hackers Still Using One-Shot Shillelagh Sniper, Despite it Being Removed From Warzone 2

“A buddy and I ran into a team that both had [the Shillelagh] on Ashika earlier. We wiped them in CQB and then realized they had the blueprint. We were very confused,” a commenter said on Reddit.

Players took to Reddit to lament the loss of the limited-time Shillelagh, saying, "The fun gun has been removed." And while this is the case for regular players, others noted that they'd encountered hackers that were still running around with them.

"I just died to the blueprint in my recent game 3/22/23. I thought this was removed?"

Given how obvious this hack is, it should be pretty easy to report. "It is possible to get the gun with Unlock tool, which is cheating. Just report them if you encounter any," OP said.

Other players expressed their frustration over the weapon being removed entirely, after growing to enjoy their time with it despite it being overpowered. "I hated the idea of it at first, but really came around. It was just really fun to have half the lobby dropping in the same place,

I don't even think it was the gun that was so fun, but the LTM where one player is going to have an advantage. Was super fun to try and identify which enemy had the sniper."