Warzone 2 Experiencing Significant Drop in Player Count on Steam


It appears that Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is losing momentum as the player count on Steam has dropped over fifty percent since its launch on Nov. 16.

This may come as a surprise for fans given the historically successful launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Being the fastest-selling Call of Duty game would lead many to think that Warzone 2 would share in its success as both games have been toted as a shared experience. It could be that various issues such as PC crashes, extreme amounts of lag, and Perk glitches have turned many initially enthusiastic fans away from Warzone 2.

No matter what the cause, the numbers recorded by well-known site SteamCharts aren't the most promising for Activision's latest Warzone title.


As the information above shows, Warzone 2 has seen its current peak player count drop more than half of its all-time peak numbers. Warzone 2 saw its best numbers during its first weekend after its release on Nov. 20. This could easily be a result of the game finally being playable for the public and the weekend offering most gamers ample time to sit down and play it. Since then, the player count has steadily dropped with small upticks every couple of weeks.

Although initial viewing of these numbers can be alarming, fans should not worry too much about Warzone 2 being a dud. Attention amongst gamers tends to wane as time goes on and with new content on the horizon for Call of Duty fans, these numbers should see a rise.