Warzone 2 Expert Reveals Trick to Maxing Out Weapons Fast

One Warzone 2 YouTuber has found a trick to leveling up weapons, fast.
One Warzone 2 YouTuber has found a trick to leveling up weapons, fast. / Activision

Leveling up every weapon in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 can be one serious grind, but one YouTuber seems to have found a trick to maxing them out faster.

The new attachment unlocking system in Modern Warfare 2 was met with a mixed reception. Attachments are no longer simply unlocked via class, but instead players are forced to level up different weapons to gain certain attachments.

Leveling up one weapon might unlock an attachment for another, meaning players need to diversify their playing style every once in a while. Undeniably, this makes matches a little more interesting, with players having to make use of a wider variety of weapons than perhaps they normally would.

On the downside, leveling up more weapons to get attachments is a much longer process and players might find themselves leveling up a weapon that they're just never going to use. Luckily, YouTuber FourEyes has come up with a solution to max out a weapon in roughly 20 minutes.

Warzone 2 YouTuber FourEyes Hits Max Weapon Level in 20 Minutes

According to FourEyes, the best place to test out his method is on new Resurgence map Ashika Island. Players will need to create a loadout for the weapon they want to level up, using a Double XP token if available.

The main premise is to dedicate your time to completing contracts rather than tackle other players. Landing near a Scavenger contract and Buy Station is the way to go. From there, players should pick up a contract, then loot chests until pocketing $2,500.

Head to the Buy Station and use the money to purchase the weapon to level up. After this, complete as many Most Wanted contracts as possible. The YouTuber revealed that looting chests reduce the contract time by 10 seconds. 

By completing three or four contracts per game, players can fully level up a weapon in about two games, if the Double XP token is active.