Call of Duty

Warzone 2 Full Map Leaked, POIs Revealed

Image courtesy of Activision

A new leak has revealed the full map for Warzone 2, giving players a glimpse at the upcoming POIs.

There's been plenty of leaks and rumors surfacing surrounding the upcoming Call of Duty games, for Modern Warfare 2 and the battle royale sequel, Warzone 2. The game is currently still in development, not scheduled for release until sometime in 2023.

Despite this, recent leaks have emerged which reveal the full map and a number of POIs. The leaks come via Tom Henderson for Try Hard Guides.

Full Warzone 2 Map Revealed

A drawing of the upcoming Warzone 2 map.
A drawing of the upcoming Warzone 2 map. / Image courtesy of Tom Henderson via Try Hard Guides

The map, while only a rough drawing at this point, provides players with a glimpse at what to expect from the new map. For the most part, the map will feature a number of water areas, from a fishing town, to a harbor, to marshes.

A lot of these POIs line-up with ones that Henderson previously leaked, such as Quarry and Harbor.

Henderson notes that the black line present circulating the map indicates a railway line.

The map is currently rumored to be bigger than both Verdansk and Caldera. According to Henderson, "It’s believed that both Warzone 2 and the DMZ [mode] will share the same map in some capacity."

At the time of writing, the map leaks have not yet been confirmed by Activision. It's also possible that the POIs could stand to change ahead of the game's release.