Warzone 2 Hacker Terrorizes Players in Flying Boat


One Warzone 2 hacker gave themselves the high ground by zipping around the sky in a flying boat.

Taking players out from a high vantage point can feel like a satisfying play, particularly if you've found a sneaky place that renders you almost untouchable. One Warzone hacker took that to the extreme, giving themselves both height and mobility in an unconventional vessel.

Looking up to see a flying boat might be amusing for a short while, but with the hacker using it to fire shots down below, the bizarre sight quickly becomes an obscene advantage.

The hackers can clearly be seen riding the flying boat across the skies, but even an expert marksman would have trouble taking them out at the speed of which the boat moves.

Eventually the boat sustains enough damage that the hackers have to abandon ship, gently parachuting to the ground. Of course, by this point the damage has been done and plenty of unsuspecting players have fallen victim to a rain of bullets from above.

Warzone 2 has only been out for roughly a week, but hackers have already begun infiltrating the online game. On top of that, plenty of bugs have emerged that have effected the state of the game. Raven Software has been on the case, though, issuing a round of patches to fix a large portion of issues.

Now if only they could stamp out the hackers just as fast.

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