Warzone 2 Leak Hints at New Map Location

Photo courtesy of Treyarch

A few Warzone leakers and dataminers have theories on where Warzone 2 will be located. And it makes sense compared to other battle royales. Developers tend to create the same style of map, a jungle map, city, swamp, and the classic desert map. And based on a few different Call of Duty games being based in a desert or arid location, the next Warzone game is going back to its roots.

Leaker TheGhostofHope is rather credible and was one of the main leakers for the upcoming Snoop Dogg skin. Apparently, the next Warzone will be based in the Atacama Desert in Chile. This may be the first Call of Duty based in Chile, but the desert-themed map is not a Call of Duty debut. This is more like the game is going back to its roots.

It was only this weekend where Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and Activision agreed they "fucked stuff up." The game is in a terrible spot due to cheaters, bugs, and content. Going back to a theme that the community can connect to is important.

This isn't the only leaker leaning into the desert theme. Leaker Hydra9114 tweeted out "Sand. #WZ2." Simple but straightforward enough, the next map will be in the desert.