Warzone 2 Leak Possibly Shows Unreleased Resurgence Map and POIs

A recent Warzone 2 leak possibly shows the unreleased Resurgence map and POIs. Since the release of Warzone 2, players have been wondering when the return of Rebirth Island will make an appearance, but it seems Activision had other plans. While a version of Rebirth Island may return at some time, a whole new map made for 50 players is on the docket first. Rumors of a Resurgence-type map started appearing a few months ago and promised a 2023 release. Now, we have our first look or possible look at the map.

Based on the image and quality of content, ot seems the image is earlier on in the process. Most likely from the storyboard stage.

Similar to Rebirth and Fortune's Keep, the map is set on an island. We also know that it will support 50 players, as well as be used for Ground War and DMZ modes. Now the validity of the leak is still to be questioned. This hasn't been verified or confirmed and the image could have been fan made. Players have already tried to make the rumor concrete with their own theories. One even mentioned that there is an island with a castle on it that is visible when looking south from Al Mazrah. They think that this could be that island. It's a bit of a stretch, but this could very likely be the next map Activision plans to unveil.

Either way, players won't have a chance to play in until 2023 at the earliest.