Call of Duty

Warzone 2 Leaks Indicate Pro Perks May Return

Courtesy of Activision

Leaks indicate Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone 2 by extension, will revive the Pro Perk mechanic from 2009's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in its attempts to keep gameplay fresh.

The information about Pro Perks' potential return comes from frequent leaker Tom Henderson.

In the old Modern Warfare 2, Pro Perks were an upgraded sort of Perk that would give additional benefits when players with them equipped completed an in-game objective. For example. Sleight of Hand grants faster overall weapon reloading by default. However, upon getting 120 kills using it, the perk would then permanently grant faster aim down sight speed. These both added additional achievements to the game, giving it a longer lifespan while also adding more content, essentially giving two perks in one slot.

Fans are divided on the potential return of Pro Perks. Some worry the upgraded perks could end up overpowered, creating balance issues that would upset the community. Others are excited for the opportunity to unlock more powerful versions of classic perks.

Henderson says Warzone 2 will also bring an Escape from Tarkov-style loot management system, an interrogation feature to force downed players to reveal the locations of their teammates, armor vests and AI-controlled strongholds that offer special rewards to players who clear them out.

For its part, Activision remains mum on details for Warzone 2. The game is expected to see release in 2023, though no official date has been made public.