Call of Duty

Warzone 2 May Include Tarkov-Inspired Loot System

Courtesy of Activision

There's a new Battle Royale due in town, and its name is Warzone 2. The sequel to the acclaimed Call of Duty: Warzone has scant few concrete detail available, but there have been numerous leaks regarding some of the new features available in the sequel.

According to frequent leaker Tom Henderson, Warzone 2 will replace the first game's standard battle royale loot system with a new one that takes influence from a number of games, including Escape from Tarkov, Apex Legends and Resident Evil 4.

The loot system will take on a slot-based management system, similar to Tarkov's bag system or Resident Evil 4's attache case mechanic. Players will have to maneuver their items around, like a game of firearms-based Tetris, in order to fit all their junk in.

The inventory screen in Escape from Tarkov.
The inventory screen in Escape from Tarkov. / Courtesy of Battlestate Games

Besides loot-based management, there are some elements from older Call of Duty games, such as Pro Perks, which are souped-up versions of perks. For example, Marathon, a perk which gives unlimited sprint, would have a requirement to fill, after which the pro version, which allowed faster ladder climbs, would be permanently unlocked.

There's even some Rainbow 6 Siege sprinkled in here, with enemy interrogations not unlike Caveira's special ability, where you can get to downed enemies and force them to reveal enemy locations.

Official word on changes in Warzone 2 remains unknown. Activision is expected to release the sequel in 2023.