Warzone 2 Police Station Locations: Where to Find

"Acquire a Basilisk, commonly found in police stations."
"Acquire a Basilisk, commonly found in police stations." / Activision

In Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, knowing where the police stations are located around Al Mazrah can be important for both Battle Royale and DMZ.

Particularly in DMZ, the White Lotus Tier 1 Mission "Badge of Honor" invites players to acquire a Basilisk, which is commonly found in police stations. Here's a breakdown of the police station locations on Al Mazrah in Warzone 2 Season 1.

Warzone 2 Police Station Locations Explained

Ultimately, there are three main police stations that can be found on Al Mazrah in Battle Royale and DMZ:

  • Sa’id City (D6)
  • Al Mazrah City (F2)
  • Mawizeh Marshlands (G5)
Activision, EditedRed

For those looking for a police station for the purposes of the Badge of Honor mission in DMZ, the one in Mawizeh Marshlands has been said to be one of the more consistent spawn points for the Basilisk, albeit none of them are guaranteed to have the pistol spawn in every match. Sometimes the police stations will also be locked as Strongholds in DMZ, but you can simply take down one of the guards outside and use the key they drop to get in.

In standard Battle Royale settings, police stations can be tremendous boons for regaining or simply stocking up on loot as there's typically plenty of cash, firearms, plate satchels and more to be had.

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