Warzone 2 Pro Reveals Why PC Players Should Use PS5 Controllers


Warzone 2 player TrueGameData has revealed why players should opt for the PlayStation 5 controller when playing on PC.

The controller vs. mouse and keyboard debate is one that still has plenty of fuel in the tank. While it hasn't always been a hot topic for Call of Duty players, the launch of Warzone back in 2020 brought with it plenty of discussion around aim assist.

PC players typically have more flexibility with their controls when playing FPS games, meaning there's rarely a need for them to have any aim assist. Over on console, however, that's a different story. Some console players might consider themselves pretty accurate with a controller in their hands, but plenty of others are reaping the benefits of aim assist.

For many, that's reason enough to plug a controller in when playing Warzone 2 on PC but TrueGameData has revealed there's even more to it.

TrueGameData Explains Why PS5 Controller is Better for PC Players in Warzone 2

According to TrueGameData, input lag is a big reason why PC players should consider switching to controllers. The player conducted his own experiment on the levels of input lag in Warzone 1 and Warzone 2.

Using a high-speed camera, he recording himself moving the sticks and pressing down on the triggers. “There is really no difference between Warzone 1 and Warzone 2 in terms of input lag,” he said.

But despite there being no difference between the two versions of Warzone, there was a difference between controllers and mouse and keyboard. “I was really surprised by the mouse input lag. It was pretty well known already that the Xbox One and Xbox Elite controllers were a little slower than the PS5 controllers.”

He recorded the following input lag for each method, with all times being in milliseconds:

  • Mouse (G Pro Superlight Wireless): WZ 1 (31.3) WZ2 (32.1)
  • Keyboard (Wooting 60HE. Tachyon Mode) WZ1 (20) WZ2 (19.6)
  • Xbox One controller trigger: WZ 1 (23.8) WZ2 (28.3)
  • Xbox Elite S2 controller trigger: WZ1 (37.5) WZ2 (32.5)
  • PS5 controller trigger: WZ1 (28.8) WZ2 (27.9)
  • PS5 overclocked controller trigger: WZ1 (21.7) WZ2 (26.3)
  • PS5 overclocked controller stick: WZ1 (17.5) WZ2 (20.4)

From the data, it seems there's a huge gap between an Xbox One controller and an overclocked PS5 controller. So if you're looking to speed up your plays, even if its by milliseconds, switching to a PS5 controller could make all the difference.