Warzone 2 Ranked Play Reportedly Coming Soon

Warzone 2's Ranked Play is set for a future season.
Warzone 2's Ranked Play is set for a future season. / Activision

A new report has surfaced which claims that Ranked Play is coming to Warzone 2 soon.

Ranked Play is a common staple across all online multiplayer games, particularly those with a strong competitive edge. Activision previously confirmed that Ranked Play would be heading to Modern Warfare 2 during Season 2, but news on the Warzone 2 front has been mostly quiet.

But, thanks to a new report by CharlieIntel, that could be set to change.

The outlet posted to Twitter earlier today, saying, "Ranked Play for Warzone 2 is coming soon." While the details were largely vague, the outlet followed by saying that they'll have more details "to share later today" after having a call with the developers last week.

What makes this so significant is the lack of Ranked Play in the original Warzone, despite calls from pros and streamers to make it an official mode. The absence of Ranked has been cited by some streamers as reason for leaving Warzone behind, instead favoring other battle royales like Apex Legends.

Should Warzone 2 lean hard into Ranked, it could see plenty of pros and streamers not only make a return to Warzone, but champion it going forward.

Warzone 2 Ranked Coming After Season 3

The news was also announced by the official Call of Duty Twitter account, which listed some of the features players can expect in Season 3 and beyond. Again, this doesn't confirm an exact date for Warzone 2 Ranked, but players can likely expect it in Season 3 at the earliest.

Other features set for Season 3 and beyond include the return of Gunfight and Plunder modes. These updates are still a ways off, however. Season 2 is set to go live later today, with Season 2 Reloaded still to come a few months down the line.