Warzone 2 Safecracker Explained


After the successful launch of Modern Warfare 2, the next iteration of the popular free-to-play battle royal mode Warzone has launched. During matches, players can complete contracts which are mini-in-game objectives that offer a variety of rewards. Finishing a contract can earn a player bonus experience points and money. It can also do other helpful actions like revealing the next circle or reviving a teammate. Here is what players need to do to complete a Safecracker contract in Warzone 2.

Call of Duty Warzone 2: Safecracker Explained

When players find a Safecracker contract in Warzone 2, three locations will be revealed on the map. At each of these three locations, there will be a safe that you and your squad will need to crack open. Opening each safe is simple enough, just interact with them to plant a C4 and wait for it to detonate.

The challenge will be making sure no one snipes away your loot from your safes. The explosions from the C4 will also alert your presence to enemy players. As the match continues and more players fall during the battle it will be tougher to hide and grab the remaining safes.

Completing a Safecracker contract will earn players money and other loot. There are other contracts in Warzone 2 that squads can participate in if they find Safecracker contracts to be difficult or not match their playstyle.

Warzone 2 is now available for players to download for free on PlayStation, Xbox, and PCs. available