Warzone 2 SMG Tier List February 2023

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 SMG tier list for February 2023.
Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 SMG tier list for February 2023. / Activision

Our Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 SMG tier list for February 2023 is here to go over the best guns to use in the Battle Royale.

With Warzone 2 Season 2 dropping on Feb. 15, players will only have to play the current meta for a couple more weeks. Before the game receives the massive update, here is an updated tier list to close out Season 1 on Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 SMG Tier List: February 2023

S Tier

WhosImmortal's Fennec 45 class.
WhosImmortal's Fennec 45 class. / Activision, screenshot by WhosImmortal
  • Fennec 45
  • Vaznev-9K

Our S Tier still has the Fennec 45 in the top spot. With little recoil and an unmatched TTK time, the fast-firing SMG is the best option for close gunfights. Although the Vaznev-9K does not kill as quickly, the gun's high mobility and damage has made it a favorite in the current meta.

A Tier

Vel 46
Vel 46 / Activision, screenshot by Ralston Dacanay
  • Lachmann Sub
  • Vel 46

The Lachmann Sub and the Vel 46 fall into the A Tier. Both guns are fast-handling and have low recoil, but their damage is weaker than the S Tier SMGs. With the right attachments, they are still solid options for close gunfights despite their lack of versatility.

B Tier

FSS Hurricane
FSS Hurricane / Activision, screenshot by Ralston Dacanay
  • FSS Hurricane
  • Minibak

The FSS Hurricane and the Minibak remain in B Tier. The hurricane is great for mid-range gunfights, but, like the Minibak, will lose close fights to the Fennec, Vaznev, and akimbo pistols. The Minibak does offer players a 64-round mag that will aid them in prolonged fights with multiple enemies.

C Tier

MX9 / Activision, screenshot by Ralston Dacanay
  • MX9
  • BAS-P
  • PDSW 528

Our C Tier weapons will not serve players well in most gunfights on Al Mazrah. With so many better options, including the Kastov-74U that some players run as an SMG, players should avoid these weapons to go far in a game. They lack firepower and just do not deliver enough damage to be a viable option past off-spawn ground loot.

Players can expect updated rankings once Season 2 drops.