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Warzone Adler Intel Locations Guide

Adler Contract: Factory
Adler Contract: Factory / Courtesy of Activision

The Warzone Adler Intel locations have players scouring Verdansk 84' for a shot at a brand new operator skin. If you've been getting tripped up on the "Hunt For Adler" challenge this guide is here to fix all of your problems.

Warzone Adler Intel Locations

For the "Hunt For Adler" challenge players are required to collect three contracts throughout the map. Sounds simple, but after taking into account there are only a few on the map and everyone is gunning for them what looked like an easy task is now a serious problem. Piled on top of that these contracts don't respawn so if you miss out you'll have to try again next game. Thankfully the spawn locations will be relatively the same every time you drop in.

Players can find the Adler Intel contracts in Summit, Factory, and Farmland. The Summit contract is located around the bridge. There are normally three contracts that spawn in the Factory area so it's best to take advantage of the plentiful few, many players will spawn here so be on alert. The Farmland contract will be located near the helicopter spawn.

Now that you know the locations of the Adler contracts it's time to drop in and start collecting. This challenge will only be here for a limited time so don't miss out.