Call of Duty

Warzone ADS Glitch Makes it Impossible to Snipe in Caldera

"Ummmmm just take the cap off, genius!"
"Ummmmm just take the cap off, genius!" / Image courtesy of Kaaaaos, Activision

In any first-person shooter game, such as Warzone, aiming your weapon is one of the most fundamental parts of the experience — or it should be, at least.

In the midst of what has seemingly been a pretty rough sequence for Call of Duty players diving into the new season early on, both in Warzone Pacific and Vanguard, an ADS glitch has been found that makes sniping impossible in the new map. Check out this bug encountered by Reddit user u/Kaaaaos.

On Friday, Kaaaaos posted a thread to the Warzone subreddit titled, "Well this is new for me."

In less than 10 seconds, Kaaaaos showcases an issue that has perhaps never been seen before in Call of Duty history.

Kaaaaos gets god-timing on two players rotating in clear view. As such, Kaaaaos swaps their AS VAL out for what is supposed to be the game's best sniper rifle at the moment in the Modern Warfare Kar98k.

Just as Kaaaaos is about to perhaps get a much-needed knock, however, their Kar98k has a weird bug going on, causing the area outside of their sniper scope to look as if they just got hit with a flash bang while the scope itself goes zero dark thirty.

After a second try goes awry as well, Kaaaaos justifiably gives up on it altogether.

The Reddit thread has since seen received plenty of attention from other players who appeared just as astonished after watching the clip.

At the time of writing, it does not appear that this issue is on Raven Software's list of issues to be fixed, so hopefully, this is just an extremely rare instance.