Warzone April 13 Patch Notes Detail Bug Fixes

Photo Courtesy of Activision

Raven Software gifted players with a brand new patch for Warzone Season 2 that includes some minor bug tweaks for lobby problems alongside the return of vehicles to Rebirth Island.

Raven released a small patch Wednesday designed to fix a few things and revive vehicles after a hiatus.

The fixed bugs include one that prevented players from adding others to their party, which had been frustrating players. The other two bugs were related to SMG damage being disproportionate to where they hit, and loot being despawned for no reason.

However, the biggest update was the return of vehicles, after their short period of being locked away.

Although Raven Software has provided an official reason for vehicles' temporary removal, the most widely believed theory ties it to players managing to get into the Golden Vaults, secret areas that Raven had been teasing for quite awhile now, by slamming into one another with vehicles.

The secret was blown wide open when a Twitter user BobNetworkUK managed to gain access to the vault by using a Jeep's momentum to push him past the door's collision detection. Once inside, he managed to steal a ton of high value loot. There was no way out of the vault, so it was impossible for him to use his ill-gotten gains, but it's likely Raven wanted to preclude the possibility of an exit being discovered.

Now, with vaults being accessible to players, there's no reason to keep vehicles out of the game — or so the thinking goes. Either way, vehicles are back in Warzone.