Warzone Assault Rifle Tier List: Season 2

Photo Courtesy of Call of Duty/Respawn

Assault rifles are one of the most commonly used weapons for beginners and pros when playing Call of Duty: Warzone. With reliable range and firepower, the AR is a must-have for your primary weapon.

With 14 options to chose from, here is our tier list of all available base ARs in Warzone.

F Tier- The Worst


Photo Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

Steer clear of the AS VAL. To put it simply, as bad as it looks, it runs worse, nowhere near the level of any gun above it on this list. The recoil will ruin your chances of winning any gun battle.

D Tier

1. FAL

A gun that many players try to avoid when its Green level gun is part of floor loot is the FAL. The recoil isn't the best, and with semi-automatic fire, this gun is an instant turn-off.

2. Groza

| Photo Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

The Groza isn't unusable, but needs the exact right attachments to be remotely usable. Without them, this bullpup rifle won't get the job done.

C Tier

1. AK 47

| Photo Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

Both of the AK-47s from Modern Warfare and Cold War do amazing damage, but they've never been the meta in Warzone due to their heavy recoil and lack of good mobility.

2. AN-94

Not many players go for a burst rifle in Warzone, henceforth why despite the firepower up close, the AN-94 goes further down this list.

B Tier

1. RAM -7

This is where we start getting some quality, usable options for your Warzone loadout. We start with the RAM-7, with a compact size fit for close to mid-range battles and great fire-rate. Even without the right attachments, if you find this as floor loot in the very beginning, your set for at least the first circle until you get your loadout.

2. M4A1

| Photo Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

A staple in Call of Duty, the M4 has almost always been one of the best ARs to use in Warzone. It's one of the most well-rounded guns on this list, both for long-range and close-up action. Many players still run with it today due to its jack of all trade's style use, however, it's not A tier because it's good at everything, but not amazing in one certain aspect, at least without attachments.

3. XM4

A weapon that came with the introduction of Cold War to Warzone, the XM4 is a viable option for those who prefer shooting from a distance over close-range combat.

The XM4 provides great fire-power and velocity, with some of the best stability of all the assault rifles in the game.


The FFAR works almost like a sub-machine gun in Warzone, best for up close gunfire and mid range battles. With top tier fire-rate, the FFAR is the best of both classes for a sub-AR mixture.

A Tier

1. Kilo 141

The Kilo has been the M4A1 but better since Warzone launched, providing success from a distance, in close quarters, and midrange.

For a long time the best class to run in Warzone was this tagged with the MP5 or MP7, and the fact that players still run with that same class almost a year later, speaks volumes about the Kilo's abilities.

2. CR-56 AMAX

The AMAX fits in a similar category as the Kilo 141. Without attachments, it still shreds enemies from close to mid-range, and its lightweight design increases your mobility with a great fire-rate. Add attachments suiting however you like to play, and the CR-56 is a monster.

| Photo Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

3. Grau 5.56

The Grau and Kilo are interchangeable for the best AR from Modern Warfare's Warzone. After a bit of grinding, you were eventually able to level up and grab the Grau for multiplayer, and you wouldn't be disappointed. A more compact version of the Kilo with matched firepower and better fire-rate, the Grau was a golden gun for you if you were to find it early on as floor loot in Warzone.

4. FARA 83

One of the newest weapons brought to Warzone Season 2, the FARA is just like the FFAR, but better. Again like a mixture of a sub-machine gun and assault rifle, the FARA has a great fire-rate, with little recoil and great firepower. You will love this gun for what it can do to you, but once you run into an enemy with it, you'd better be ready.