Warzone AUG Build: How to Create a Deadly AUG

Warzone AUG Build Guide
Warzone AUG Build Guide / Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Warzone AUG Build is configured for close range combat.

Warzone AUG Build

Here are five attachments for your AUG Build in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Warzone AUG Build: Compensator

The Compensator sacrifices aim down sight speed and aiming stability to provide exceptional recoil control by expelling gases upward to fight muzzle climb.

Warzone AUG Build: 622mm Long Barrel

622mm Long Barrel is the maximum barrel extension available for the AUG

and pushes its range to the extreme. It is heavyweight and allows for smooth handling.

Warzone AUG Build: FSS Heavy Stock Pro

This stock attachment provides stability while aiming and is excellent for accuracy and control. The added weight hinders aim walking movement speed, but it is the only stock in its class to improve accuracy.

Warzone AUG Build: Granulated Grip Tape

Granulated Grip Tape is a smooth and granulated grip tape that keeps you in control and on target. It increases aiming stability and aim walking steadiness but decreases aim walking movement speed.

Warzone AUG Build: Ranger Foregrip

Ranger Foregrip is a standard foregrip that improves vertical recoil and stabilizes your weapon while aiming for enhanced long-range combat.

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