Warzone AX-50 Build: Best Attachments to Use

Warzone AX-50 build
Warzone AX-50 build / Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Warzone AX-50 build will depend on your play style. The AX-50 is a great primary sniper and should be paired with perks like Ghost, Cold Blooded, and Overkill to get the most out of your class.

Warzone AX-50 Build

Here are five attachments for your AX-50 to make it effective at any range.

Warzone AX-50 Build: Compensator

Great for any weapon type, the Compensator expels gases upward to fight muzzle climb. It sacrifices Aim Down Sight and Aiming Stability but makes up for it in Recoil Control.

Warzone AX-50 Build: 32.0" Factory Barrel

The 32.0" Factory Barrel is a longer barrel that increases muzzle velocity and extends range. The additional weight stabilizes your shot but decreases your mobility.

Warzone AX-50 Build: Singuard Arms Assassin

Another popular attachment for the AX-50, the Singuard Arms Assassin is a tactical stock that increases Aim Down Sight Speed.

Warzone AX-50 Build: Variable Zoom Scope

To add extended range to your sniper, add the Variable Zoom Scope. It increases Zoom level 3-6x and gives you the freedom to toggle the magnification. The Thermal Sniper Scope is another excellent option if you aren't sold on Variable Zoom.

Warzone AX-50 Build: Granulated Grip Tape

Granulated Grip Tape keeps you steady and on target. It increases Aiming Stability and Aim Walking Steadiness.

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