Warzone Bug Allows Crossbows to Destroy Choppers in One Shot

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

An apparent Warzone bug has appeared and it makes the crossbow a rather broken weapon. As usual, this isn't the only bug to appear in recent days, as Twitch streamerDanny "DanimuhL" showed off a rather annoying bug as well. It's rather annoying and can cause your aim to lock. Raven Software said they were working on a fix. Let's hope they can fix this crossbow one just as fast.

The Shadowhunter Crossbow has been around since Season 2, but never found footing in the meta. It's unlikely this exploit will change that, but it's fun to use until it's fixed.

Posted by Redditor u/Demolitions75 and titled "Not only can the R1 crossbow kill Helicopters in one shot, It can destroy FRIENDLY heli's too (with POV)" this clip shows a rather powerful one-shot punch from the crossbow.

And the poster has a theory on what is happening, "Likely a bug having to do with the r1 bolt model colliding with the Heli and the the game treating it as if the heli hit a non-world object (such as a vehicle or loadout box). It doesn't work 100% of the time (from what i can tell the heli has to be tilted slightly and moving full speed), and you don't getany credit for a kill or vehicle destruction. It is treated as if the pilot crashed and suicided."

Other players commented on the difficulty of making this bug work as it doesn't always connect. Whatever the case, Raven Software needs to figure out a fix quickly.