Call of Duty

Warzone Bug Comically Makes Snoop Dogg Skin's Head Invisible

"Where's your head bro?"
"Where's your head bro?" / Image courtesy of Activision

A player recently ran into what appears to be a rare "pay-to-win" situation with a bug that makes it impossible to see the Snoop Dogg Operator Skin's head when using a certain weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Like most competitive shooters, Activision's Call of Duty devs and marketing teams strictly emphasize that none of their Weapon Blueprints, Vehicle Skins or Operator Skins are supposed to give players a competitive advantage.

However, as shown in this clip on Reddit, it appears there have been several times where that simply was not the case.

On Tuesday, Reddit user ritorhymes posted a thread titled, "Bug Makes Snoop Operator's Head Disappear! Which akimbo pistols are these causing the bug?"

In just 19 seconds, ritorhymes showcased just how comically broken it is to try and use a pair of akimbo pistols while donning the Legendary "Snoop Dogg" Operator Skin.

Admittedly, the skin itself is clean, giving players the opportunity to use a perfect depiction of the hip-hop icon in-game.

Where the issue is, however, is that while equipping a certain weapon, those using the Snoop Dogg skin can clearly control when they want to make his head disappear, potentially giving them a huge advantage in close-range fights.

"200 IQ play. No one can headshot you if you don't have a head," Reddit user Eladryel replied.

According to others on the Reddit post, the custom akimbo pistols in question appear to be the Top Break from Vanguard, so hopefully, Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games can get this sorted out as soon as possible.